How to get Magic Cube, Night Clown, Joker and Rare items

Topic of my video is how to get magic cube i’ll help you to get magic cube Without using any diamond, watch till end Guys, You can take magic cube absolutely free. and who dont know about what is magic cube, i’ll showing for them Magic cube is a item which help to get one of from this all rare item by exchanging it You were seen many pro players who are having these rare items You can get magic cube in diamond royale You just have to collect FF Tokens from gold royale every week and Lucky stars which is given after the end of match You just have to exchange it in store . Go to Redeem, then go to FF Token and exchange for diamond royale voucher same do for Lucky stars and collect diamond royale voucher when you have collect this 1 or more you dont go for spin it, Just collect it until it will be 10 when i’m spinning one then i’ll not get cube, you can see When you collect it 10 then go for 10+1 spin definetly You’ll get Magic cube Let me show you by spinning i’m doing 10+1 spin just remember one thing, spin it after 11:00PM this is what i get If you like this video comment it , like it and subscribe.

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